The newly awarded MCV/Women in Games Award winner and King Catalog Games Director on the evolution of video game music, her own career evolution, and…
Blizzard’s Arin Goldsmith shares her journey and answers key questions for those aspiring to work in the videogame industry.
Phoenix Suns point guard and Olympic gold medalist “CP3” on the lessons he's learned from his 18-year NBA career, and what true leadership looks like on…
Dropping into Warzone 2.0 as part of Season 02, Ashika Island presents an entirely new environment located in an undisclosed area of the Asia Pacific…
The innovative in-game charity run took home awards courtesy of PR News and the Webby’s “Anthem Awards.”
In the last post in a series of three, Dion Rogers offers tips on how to network with industry professionals who can get you hired.
Competition is in the air and it’s now time for Call of Duty® players to really put their skills to the test.
This Valentine’s Day, we’re getting personal with Lt. Simon “Ghost” Riley, the Modern Warfare operator infiltrating hearts and social feeds
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