The privacy saga is misleading.

“ Use your Facebook or Google account. We’ll automatically link your profile with your King profile, so you’ll share your name and your profile picture; and other information that you select to share with us.”. Other information is your friends list. You have no choice but to select to share that.

You will share:

“ Your Facebook friends

If you sign up with Facebook. (Note: you can remove your access to your Facebook friends by changing your app permission settings in Facebook)”

Note that if a user changes the app permission to remove access to the friends list, they can’t keep playing the game without restoring access to the friends list.

I tried to raise this with King legal, they passed me to customer service as they thought it wasn’t a legal issue. To not share my friends list (because friends may not have consented to share their details, I was informed I have to delete my account and create a new account with my email - it is unclear if I’ll lose all my progress (huge time and money cost). There is no option for me to just use Facebook login as an easy access method and not play with my Facebook friends.

Let’s see what the data protection officer says… right now I believe that the idea of this saga is worthy of an award. But I believe they should be stripped of it, because it’s misleading and unclear.

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