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Bobby Kotick: With gratitude

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Activision Blizzard wins Game Publisher of the Year

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Timeline: An infographic history of Activision Blizzard

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Bobby Kotick: A new chapter for Activision Blizzard

The final step in the UK for the Microsoft deal

C.O.D.E. Bowl IV's champions speak out

10 reasons to watch C.O.D.E. Bowl IV on Oct. 5

The latest step in the UK for the Microsoft deal

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Good Call: An audio history of the biggest phone game you’ve never heard of

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Tidy up your digital life with these organizer apps

D'oh! The best fake video games in 'The Simpsons'

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X times the X-Men predicted the future past

This designer creates jaw-dropping jewelry inspired by video games

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When movies take on video games

Which is safer: deep space travel or deep sea travel?

Diablo IV: Season of Blood is coming Oct. 17

The next step in the UK for the Microsoft deal

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Shell yeah! A brief history of TMNT games

Inside the making of 'Karateka'

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Why vinyl still rocks

Worlds collide with WWE star Zelina Vega

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Welcome to America, Wrexham!

Are video games going extinct?

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A brief history of Crash Bandicoot

Four intriguing 'lost' video game movies

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The real-life inspiration for this Diablo IV art

Was King Tut really a gamer?

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The endless power of 'Girl in the Tower'

SailGP: When high-speed racing hits the open seas

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5 video game references in pop music

Roll for group therapy

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A brief history of the world’s smallest first-person shooter

Was pinball really illegal?

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Unleashed: A brief history of digital pets

Cosplayer Cinderys wants you to embrace your inner badass

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Poetry Jam: Haikus inspired by 'NBA Jam'

How to get started on your hiking adventure

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Heard of the 'girl dinner'? Forget it. Try the 'gamer dinner.'

Meet the real Wolf(e) of Wall Street

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Alodia Gosiengfiao knows cosplay runs more than costume-deep

Wake up! Or, how to game when you’re tired

Blizzard teams up with Mila Kunis to support BlueCheck Ukraine with the new World of Warcraft Charity Pet Pack

🎮 Teatime with dragons

Everything you need to know about 'cozy fantasy'

How to start gaming again after a long absence

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The traveler's guide to gaming on the go

Barbie and Candy Crush is a match made in confectionary heaven

Use gamer skills to help your career

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Deadline extended: an update on the Microsoft deal

A brief history of fighting games

Did Carl Sagan really work on a video game?

🎮 A case of the Mondays

Video games can offer refuge for soldiers. Here's how.

This chef will amp up your game snacks

‘The Boys’ comes to Call of Duty

🎮 French toast

The gamer’s guide to the best beach reads

Confronting loneliness with games

🎮 Woosah

The meditation technique that helps fight gaming fatigue

Bellamy Hunt wants to put film cameras back in your hands

A major milestone: Update on the Microsoft deal

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An esports league of their own

5 easy ways to level up your (gaming) life with sleep

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How to learn a new language by playing your favorite games

How gaming helped me reconnect with my son after military deployment

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So what is a loremaster, exactly?

We want to be Sky Brown when we grow up

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Super7 founder Brian Flynn wants you to play with your toys

A brief history of video game music

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'Call of Duty' developer doubles down on Europe

You can become a pickleball master, too

AEW's Athena rolls the dice

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How controllers evolved to serve more gamers

Did you know there was such a thing as Dwarf Metal?

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How to gamify your wedding

Victory is sweet for this Candy Crush All-Stars 2023 champion

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How to level up your workspace like a streamer

'Extraction 2' director Sam Hargrave loves putting Chris Hemsworth through hell

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What in the world is 'Pitchblack Playback'?

Call him the Prince of Parkour

Oliver Heldens, Call of Duty partner on EDM anthem

🎮 Too graphic

The ideal workout for an esports junkie

A brief history of the platformer

We're ready to make our case for the Microsoft deal in federal court

Diablo IV earns more than $666M in sales in first five days, setting a new Blizzard record

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Anna Cramling is playing games with you

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How to sound like a superhero

A bar where everybody knows your game

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This game aims to make student athletes money

Can the comic book shop survive?

🎮 Make 'fetch' happen

Gerry Duggan refuses to spoil 'Deadpool 3'

How are movies and games influencing each other?

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How to eat like a professional gamer

The creative urge to go to hell

🎮 Huge change

Erin Ashley Simon has no time for haters

Are gamers gaming during their workday?

Mixtape Monday: Something for everyone

Mixtape Monday: Vibe shift

Approval in Europe: Update on the Microsoft deal

Leveling up for a better world

She found 'her people.' Then the fun began.

Mixtape Monday: Up the tempo

So what does a game producer do, exactly?

The Call of Duty Endowment’s positive impact on SoCal is more than just numbers

Mixtape Monday: Slow burn

How one exec moved from pro sports to esports

We'll keep pressing our case for a Microsoft deal

Our commitment to pay equity

This Hollywood exec knows her way around a warzone

Mixtape Monday: We'll do it live

Crash Team Rumble: Behind its bold, new direction

How an aspiring pop star found a home in gaming

Mixtape Monday: Make it bump

A Sports Emmy nod for Call of Duty League

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What Game Developers Think About AI

Diablo IV Beta Breaks Franchise Record

A March Update on the Microsoft Deal

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion 2022 Look-Back

How I Survived the Diablo IV Beta

Why Creatives Have (Almost) Nothing to Fear About AI

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When Opportunity Knocks, Be Ready! Tips From a Talent Marketing Specialist When Pursuing a Career in Gaming

Leadership Advice From NBA All-Star Chris Paul

Top 5 Travel Destinations on Ashika Island, the Newest Map Update in Call of Duty®: Warzone™ 2.0

Call of Duty Veteruns Honored For Social Impact and Mission-Driven Creativity

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Following a Huge Year for Esports, The Call of Duty League’s 2023 Season Kicks Off New Era

…And a Designer Shall Lead Them

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